If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, do not panic. In the majority of cases, the growths are benign. Oftentimes, cysts will actually resolve themselves over time, without treatment. If the cysts do not go away on their own, surgery for your ovarian cysts is only one option for treatment, and should be the last resort.

In most cases, treatment is not even necessary. The body will essentially regulate itself and resolve the ovarian cyst. Unfortunately, if you do not treat the underlying cause of the cyst, it is likely to come back again.

Also, it becomes imperative to seek treatment if the cysts become too large, twist the ovary, or make pregnancy impossible. For example, women who have ovarian cysts requiring surgery usually have endometriosis. The condition can be quite painful, cause irregular bleeding, and is a common reason for hysterectomies.

However, if you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, unless it is an emergency due to excessive bleeding or something equally dangerous, you actually have 3 main treatment options to consider:

Surgery: is generally the last resort, especially if a woman still wants to be able to have a child in the future. The procedures are invasive, expensive, and can leave scar tissue that can adversely affect the ability to conceive in the future. In addition, a woman prone to ovarian cysts is likely to have a reoccurrence of the condition.

Birth Control Pills: Cysts are more prolific when the body has an excess amount of estrogen and progesterone present. Since hormone therapy suppresses their manufacture, doctor will likely suggest birth control pills as the first line of defense in controlling cysts. Unfortunately, the cysts or endometriosis often prevent pregnancy, and birth control pills are said to be 99% effective in preventing conception. So, if a baby is part of future plans, the treatment can be as devastating as the diagnosis.

Holistic (natural) Therapy: Because surgery is so invasive and sometimes the final blow to a woman’s reproductive system and birth control pills are the synthetic and pregnancy preventing option, many women are opting to use holistic therapy – with incredibly successful results. Many women using this natural treatment for ovarian cysts have given testimonials stating that their cysts completely disappeared within a couple of months, and they have not come back. In addition, many young women have also reported successful pregnancies.

So, now you know that ovarian cysts and surgery do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. Other treatment options are not only available, but much more attractive and effective. Unless the symptoms dictate an emergency situation, many women prefer to seek the natural approach and try holistic therapy first. If you are suffering from ovarian cysts, why not join them and become the next success story using this ground breaking natural cure?

This article is based on the book, “Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets” by Laura Hennings. After suffering for 6 long years from crippling pain caused by ovarian cysts, and having been totally failed by conventional medicine, Laura took matters into her own hands. She is now totally cyst free, and is dedicated to creating the ultimate holistic ovarian cyst solution for others, guaranteed to permanently cure all types of ovarian cysts. Learn more by visiting her website www.Ovarian-Cyst-Cures.com