A Hemorrhagic cyst sounds terrifying, but in reality is generally a completely natural plus normal part of the menstrual cycle of numerous women. The majority of hemorrhagic cysts disappear before you are aware that you have one. But for those of us with a bit less luck we can be debilitated by these cysts. Though the majority of these cysts are technically harmless, sometimes their effect can be so great that you need to go in for hemorrhagic cysts treatment.  

What is a hemorrhagic cyst?

A hemorrhagic cyst is one where bleeding occurs inside the cyst. The most evident symptom is a jagged pain in your right side before ovulation. Oral birth control pills are generally prescribed for hemorrhagic cysts treatment as they can prevent ovulation, and so stop the cyst forming in the first place.

Unfortunately there are certain flaws in this form of treatment.

• Longer term utilization of birth control pills comes with its own risks. These risks far outweigh the risk related with hemorrhagic cyst.
• This form of treatment is obviously no good where you are hoping to conceive.
• Once you stop taking the pill, the cyst is likely to come back

There can be times when the hemorrhagic cysts treatment at home or with prescription medication just does not stop the pain. In these cases it is not unusual for your doctor to get an ultrasound done so that he or she can have a better look at your cyst and decide whether it needs to be removed.

Size alone will not determine whether the doctor will remove the cyst or not. Though an ultrasound can display cyst which are bigger than a centimeter, it is not unheard of for cysts of up to 6 cm to go away without further treatment – although obviously the bigger the cyst gets, the more likely it is to cause problems.

In some cases women will have their cyst removed surgically. Surgery however does not guarantee that cysts will not return, as it does not tackle the underlying cause. Natural hemorrhagic cysts treatment has become a popular alternative to traditional medical treatment.

Hemorrhagic cysts (and indeed all ovarian cysts) are merely symptoms of an enormous imbalance within the body. This can not only be treated naturally, but by doing so your cysts can even be permanently prevented from returning.

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