Chocolate cysts are a particular type of ovarian cyst linked to endometriosis. The endometrium is the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus (or womb), and endometriosis is a condition where endometrial Read more [...]
The doctor has diagnosed you with polycystic ovaries. What does that mean? Of course you want to know how it will affect your overall health. Plus, you want to have children some day. Will you be able Read more [...]
If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, do not panic. In the majority of cases, the growths are benign. Oftentimes, cysts will actually resolve themselves over time, without treatment. If the cysts Read more [...]
Concerns regarding ovarian cysts and conception are justified. Many women who suffer from the cysts cannot conceive and have a baby. For women who really want a family, the diagnosis can be totally devastating, Read more [...]
You have a history of ovarian cysts; you have never had a regular menstrual cycle; you tend to grow excess body hair; and now you cannot seem to be able to conceive. Obviously, something is wrong. After Read more [...]
You have been diagnosed with ovarian corpus luteum cysts. You have no idea of the cause; and you are concerned about your ability to conceive and have a baby in the future. Doctors are great with million Read more [...]
You have been diagnosed with a hemorrhagic cyst. It sounds really scary and potentially dangerous. So, why did your doctor send you back home? Why are you not admitted for some sort of procedure? The answer: Read more [...]
Are functional ovarian cysts normal? The answer is a qualified "yes". In fact, many women have functional cysts and do not even know it. However, if something is not quite right, the symptoms can be Read more [...]
You have just been to the doctor for abdominal pain. After a pelvic exam and an ultrasound, the doctor has rendered a diagnosis. Armed with a prescription for the discomfort, you are scheduled to come Read more [...]
Ovarian cysts and pregnancy are often incompatible. Oftentimes, varieties of the condition are related to endometriosis, which can be extremely painful and lead to hysterectomies. For women who still hope Read more [...]
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